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This site is an experimental site - I am using it to get a hang of the JOOMLA CMS


I am also using it a as a switchboard to some of the other sites that I am involved with.

Here is the MBA site and slides

The Economics site and Business Management 2A and Business Management 2B (Entrepreneurship) some notes on putting an assignment together.

The ETHICS issues are discussed here.

If you wish to get a feel for the difference between LIBERTARIAN and UTILITARIAN JUSTICE go here

Some tips on studying can be found HERE - be sure to read the BONUS TIP if you are studying at MANCOSA!


The learn PRAXEOLOGY website




The SA Cell, Phone and email directory

Free Directory Entry: For your free directory entry.

and other sites such as the Memory System.

and our cycle trips around many places

including to Labrang 


My facebook page

The Day Care Programme

Behaviour Technologies - using psychological insights to design your life. Research based tools and processes. Watch this space!

Also the latest Gold Price!

 and  the listing of people in Sa (and the world) - who is this person? eliforpe



BOOGIE WOOGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!              More BW!!!!!!!!!

And then there is THE C2C Project - become a member there and follow us on our journey there and beyond.

Oh - the Libertarian Party of South Africa. here is a short Movie Clip and here is a link to their site.



Classified Index

Part of the C2C project is my Making Money project

 Then there is SA Placenames and Disasters of the world (Fires, blizzards

And What day is it?



679 Personal Fitness





C.M. Heydenrych

If you wish to contact me, use cmh at


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